Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Financial Aid Terms

Academic Year
The nine months a student is enrolled; two semesters, August through May

Direct Costs
Charges billed by the university: tuition, on-campus housing, meals, and fees.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Calculated using the information provided on the FAFSA to determine the family's ability to contribute financially to the educational expenses.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Family Responsibility
The difference between direct costs and the financial assistance you have been offered (excluding Federal Work Study).

Financial Aid Eligibility (need)
The difference between the total cost of education and the expected family contribution (EFC). The total amount of assistance you may be eligible for during the academic year.

Financing Options
Programs available to all families to assist with the family's obligation to the university regardless of financial aid eligibility.

Indirect Costs
Variable living expenses incurred by the student while attending school: books, transportation, personal expenses, etc.

Merit and Talent Awards
Awards based on academic achievement or performance ability (scholarships).

Payment Plan
Payment option for expenses billed by the university (direct costs); available to all families who complete the application by the due date.

Need-based Aid
Awards based on financial aid eligibility, as determined by the FAFSA (grants).

Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan and, student employment (Federal Work Study).

Total Cost of Education
All expenses involved in attending college for an academic year: tuition fees, room, meals, books, transportation and personal expenses.