Financing Options

Payment Plan Policy

All charges for the current semester are to be paid by the end of the first week of the term. Payne has an alternative to the lump-sum payment of Seminary fees to help ease the burden of paying tuition costs all at once. In the event a student cannot pay his or her balance in full, a payment plan may be arranged with the Business Office.

Payment plans for students are available with the following stipulations:

· Plans must be worked out with the Business Office prior to the first day of the term and written confirmation must be in the student’s file.

· The Student’s account balance must be paid in full before the start of the next semester.

· A payment must be received by the Business Office before the student may begin classes.

· Registration for students with previous balances will be contingent on his/her payment plan.

· If a student fails to make a scheduled payment without prior written approval from the Business Office, he/she may be removed from his/her current classes.

· No Student will be able to graduate with a balance on his or her account.

For more information on the payment plan policy, call the Finance Office at 937-376-2946 x205.