Withdraw Policy

Withdraw Policy

Withdrawal Policy From Payne Theological Seminary

If you plan to withdraw from the Seminary, you must provide an official notice of intent to withdraw to the Registrar.  This is so important because it allows us to properly calculate earned financial aid correctly or for you to receive your proper tuition refund.  Your intent to withdraw should be in writing but may be made orally as long as you clearly state your intent to withdraw to the Registrar.  Until an official withdrawal form has been completed by the Registrar, you will not be considered as officially withdrawing from the Seminary.

Effective Date of Withdrawal

Your effective date of withdrawal will be the earliest date of:

  • Receipt of official withdrawal form or notice of intent to with withdraw from Payne Theological Seminary, or
  • Last date of attendance in any class if attendance occurs after the date a withdrawal form or intent to withdraw is received, or
  • The mid-point of the semester if the student fails to submit a withdrawal form or notify the Seminary of intent to withdraw prior to the mid-point of the semester.


IMPORTANT:  If the withdrawal date is set at the mid-point of the semester because you did not submit a withdrawal form or provide a notice of intent to withdraw, Payne Theological Seminary may consider that you have attended class through the first one-half of the semester.  Therefore, you may be responsible for all charges incurred for the first half of the semester.

Please contact the Registrar if you feel that the official date of withdrawal does not accurately reflect your circumstances.