Welcome Letter

Dear Students,

Welcome and thank you for considering Payne Theological Seminary as the place where you will obtain your preparation for a higher calling in the ministry.  We believe in our students and their ability to succeed.  Financing a Payne Theological Seminary involves a partnership between the Financial Aid Office and you for it is our belief that financial circumstances should not prevent any person from pursing what this wonderful, highly qualified, and spiritual institution has to offer.

Even though the primary responsibility for financing one’s education rest with the student, Payne Theological Seminary realizes the challenges that individuals have in bridging the gap between what they can afford and the cost of their Payne’s education.  In fact, reliance on educational loans and help from private sources is a common occurrence throughout this nation.  Our job is making sure that when the need arises, we are available to bring together the processes to assure you a quality delivery of financial aid resources to accommodate your needs.

The Financial Aid Office knows that the financial aid process can be an intimidating and trying experience.  There is a complete open door policy with our students.  We encourage questions and want you to understand every step of the financial aid process.  Please feel free to pick up the phone and call when you need assistance and help in navigating through the process.

Our hope is that we can help you to achieve your Payne Theological Seminary’s Master of Divinity degree using the Financial Aid Office’s as a partner is this endeavor.  We wish you nothing but the best and future success.



Patricia A. Copely

Financial Aid Officer