Historical Studies

Historical Studies

*-indicates a required course

+-indicates that there are prerequisites for admission to the course


Area II: Historical Studies

*HS11O CHRISTIAN HISTORY IN CONTEXT: FROM 1ST CENTURY JUDAISM TO THE HIGH MIDDLE AGES (3) This course  examines the doctrines, belief systems, and people who continually reshaped the Christian message, which was passed from one generation to the next.  This focus of this class is from the age of the Apostolic Fathers to the Middle Ages.

*HS12O  CHRISTIAN HISTORY IN CONTEXT: FROM THE RENAISSANCE TO 20TH CENTURY AMERICA (3) This course continues to examine the doctrines, belief systems and people who continually reshaped the Christian message which was passed from one generation to the next.  The focus of the class is from the late Middle Ages to the African-American experience of the 20th century.

+HS221  A.M.E. CHURCH HISTORY (3) This course is designed to introduce students to the historical development of the A.M.E. Church and the thought of its leadership.  This is done in the context of an evaluation of its role in African American history.  Prerequisites: HS110 & 120 for A.M.E. only

+HS230 - DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY (3) An introduction to the major persons and ideas that have helped shape the content and direction of various denominations and religious groups in America.  Attention is given to the ways in which various theological notions interfaced with and often helped shape the social, political, economic, and racial views and values of the nation from the Colonial period to the present. Prerequisites: HS110, HS120.

+HS240 - GENDER AND SEX: ISSUES IN THE ANCIENT CHURCH (3) This course  examines Christian attitudes toward gender and sexuality from the first to the fifth century.  It  examines the Old and New Testaments, and the Church Fathers.  Consideration is given to the writings of modern scholarship.  The attempt is made to discover if and how writings from the early church shaped modern Christian writer’s understandings of gender and sexuality.  Prerequisites: HS110 and HS120.

+HS250 EARLY NORTH AFRICAN CHRISTIANITY (3) This course examines early North African Christian theology from its beginnings through the time of Augustine.  The different theological climates that existed in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Northwestern Africa are studied.  Focus on the special place that Alexandrian school of interpretation played in the formation of early exegetical studies is considered.  What influenced North African Christian theology and the influences it had on its world and later theological developments are scrutinized.  Prerequisites: HS110, HS120.

+HS260 JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY: FROM CONFLICT TO CONVERSATION (3) This course examines anti-Semitism in the Christian community from New Testament times through the Holocaust.  It explores how this has been manifested in literature, i.e., theology, laws, art, and drama.  It looks at primary documents as well as later historiography.  It also examines how anti-Semitism has developed within Christianity.  The course raises issues of racial and theological bigotry. Prerequisites: HS110, HS120.

+HS390 RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL FERMENT IN THE 16TH CENTURY (3) This course focuses on current issues facing Reformation historians and theologians.  Intellectual, economic, political and religious aspects of the age are examined.  By incorporating "secular" issues into the study, an understanding of the forces at work that brought about an important age in the history of Europe is greatly improved. Prerequisites: HS110 and HS120.

+HS370 DIRECTED STUDY (3) An opportunity for middler and senior students to explore a question, challenge, issue or concern more fully. The student approaches a faculty member in the preferred area of study to request guidance and oversight as well as approval and direction in the pursuit of research to prepare an appropriate project or paper that  fulfills the agreed upon requirements for the conclusion of the study.  Prerequisite: Faculty approval