Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements

To graduate with a Master in Divinity, students must complete 90 credit hours.  In compliance with ATS regulations, two-thirds of the 90 credits (60 credits) may be earned online.  The remaining one-third (30 credits) must be earned through residency credits.  Students are able to earn residency credits through intensives offered on our main campus in Wilberforce, Ohio, as well as other selected locations.  Students have opportunities to enroll for intensives throughout the year, during which six to 10 intensives are offered.  We are mindful of the travel cost to students, as well as the fact that many work full-time and need to use accrued vacation time to attend these intensives; therefore, we make a concerted effort to schedule intensives to include weekends and to run back-to-back.

Note:  The following classes are not taught online.  You must travel to complete these required courses:

CM303  Ministerial Sexual Ethics (regular term or summer intensive)

TS342 Introduction to Womanist Theology (spring intensive)

CM350  The Daniel Payne Lecture Series: Church Administration & Leadership (fall intensive)

CM102 Pulpit Communications I (regular term or intensive)

CM150 Spiritual Formation (summer intensive)

CM243   The Biology of HIV/AIDS (spring intensive)


Graduation Requirements

There are five critical requirements for graduation from the Master of Divinity degree. The student must:

1. Receive a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 in 90 semester hours of course work.  (These hours must include the Required Courses listed below);

2. Satisfactorily complete the Senior Seminar;

3. Fulfill all financial responsibilities;

4. Have an assessment of eligibility and recommendation by Academic Dean; and

5. Complete the Petition to Graduate