Library Committee

Library Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide advice and guidance for the Head Librarian as she/he seeks to direct the library program and its staff.  The presupposition behind this committee is that regular involvement of the represented groups is essential for the development of a library program that meets the educational needs of Payne Theological Seminary.



1. The Faculty selects two faculty members. The faculty selects one of these members to chair the committee.

2. President (ex-officio)

3. Academic Dean

4. The Academic Dean, in consultation with the Student Government Association and its advisor, appoints one student representative.

5. Librarian


(A secretary is appointed by the Chair.)



1. Examine policies of the library on a regular basis, including those related to acquisitions, utilization, etc.

2. Examine the library acquisitions on a regular basis and make recommendations for future purchases.

3. Suggest and/or examine reforms in library procedures and services.

4. Suggest ways by which fuller utilization of library resources may be facilitated.

5. Promote useful library services within the seminary.

6. Examine and make suggestions concerning materials to be weeded.

7. Provide input for potential grant proposals.

8. Participate in budget preparations.


This committee meets during the first and third month of each semester convened by the Chair.  The chair, if necessary, can convene additional meetings.