Giving & Partnerships

Corporation and foundation support can help to make great seminary accomplishments possible. Below are just a few of the many ways your organization can partner with Payne.

Endowed Faculty Positions

Faculty and professorships are among the most important resources any seminary can have in assembling and maintaining a distinguished faculty. Endowed positions provide a stable, dependable source of income for special teaching and research materials, library acquisitions, salary supplements, and travel assistance.

By endowing a chair, professorship, or fellowship, your organization is demonstrating its commitment to Payne Theological Seminary’s theological mission. A faculty endowment will permanently associate your company/foundation name with the accomplishments of scholars who hold the position you create while increasing your visibility within the seminary.

Scholarship Support

Talented and committed graduate students are Payne’s lifeblood. The seminary has given the highest priority to their theological education and ministry preparation since its inception. But student support includes more than scholarships to cover tuition and expenses. It provides enrichment funds to support special research opportunities with faculty, internships, international experiences, and creative experiences. In addition, it recognizes superior achievement.

By supporting Payne Theological Seminary students through fellowships and scholarships, you provide a permanent legacy at the seminary while establishing relationships with the talented students who are offered the support provided by your organization.

Academic Program Support

Program support allows Payne to constantly refresh and renew its academic programs and move into new disciplines as opportunities arise. By providing support for educational programs, organizations contribute to the enhancement of our students' education. When supporting programs, you are making a clear commitment to the future of the seminary and are establishing a link with new study modalities.

Capital Projects

Modern, well-designed buildings and facilities are vital environments to nurture creative ideas and innovative developments. Funding these capital projects allows organizations to make a substantial and visible investment in the future of Payne Theological Seminary while improving the overall educational value received by the students.

Equipment and Gifts-in-Kind

The need for specialized equipment for classrooms, libraries, and offices is always present. Payne Theological Seminary depends on philanthropic sources - especially corporate partnerships - for gifts-in-kind and direct support that will help maintain a state-of-the-art, relevant theological educational experience.


Gifts-in-kind are non-cash donations used by the seminary to carry out its educational, research and outreach missions. Examples of gifts-in-kind include:

  • computers
  • software
  • furniture
  • books, music, scripts
  • office items
  • construction materials