Mission Statement

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: Payne Theological Seminary, a free-standing graduate school mandated by the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) in 1844, is dedicated to the preparation of men and women for leadership in local, national, and global ministries.  Payne Theological Seminary offers an Afrocentric theological education focusing on teaching and research that emphasize salvation which finds expression in liberation, reconciliation, social justice, and the dignity of all humankind.  The Seminary values African American history, the African American experience, and the biblical tradition.

Vision: Payne Theological Seminary, through its Afrocentric perspective, will continue to be socially relevant by preparing leaders to address contemporary ethical and theological issues of ministry in their local, national, and global dimensions.

Core Value Statements: Four core values undergird the work at Payne Theological Seminary.  These values guide and are evidenced in all areas of the infrastructure, operations, and academic training of the institution.

Excellence: The embodiment of, and the passion for, high standards and that level of achievement that surpasses the envisioned norm and the expected best-desired results.

Tolerance: The unreserved acceptance of the universal concepts of love, justice, and forgiveness that find expression in the capacity to be inclusive of and open to difference.

Servant Leadership: A responsible steward who serves with care, humility, and strength of character and boldness as he/she articulates his/her vision and inspires and guides others toward embracing a higher ideal of the institution's mission.

Spiritual Formation, Growth, and Transformation: An ongoing process of opening one’s self to God's revelation within an environment that enhances the individual's growth and transformation and helps one realize his/her divine and human potential.