Mitchell Anderson Hall

The Ten for 10 and Twenty for 5 Campaign is seeking to cultivate $200,000 to complete the Mitchell-Anderson Hall renovation. Under the leadership of President Leah Gaskin Fitchue, over the last 18 months Payne has been working aggressively to rehabilitate the facility.  With the support of Bishop C. Garnett Henning and the Third District the Divine Makeover campaign solicited hundreds of skilled construction trade volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours to support getting the facility to a point where it is ready for build out.  While, volunteers are still willing to support the project, resources are needed for materials to complete installation of new electrical, mechanical and technological systems.  The newly renovated facility, which is over 5000 square feet, will provide two very large classrooms, meeting spaces, and house the Vinton R. Anderson Ecumenical Center on the Payne Campus.

The Mitchell-Anderson Hall is steeped in rich history.  The building was erected in 1891 by Payne students as a dormitory.  Mitchell-Anderson was a gift from Dr. John G. Mitchell, co-founder of Wilberforce University.  The building was destroyed by the 1974 tornado and rebuilt in 1975. The Ten for 10 and Twenty for 5 Campaign is committed to raising the resources needed to completely refurbish the Mitchell-Anderson building on the campus of Payne Theological Seminary!


Your tax-deductable contribution to Payne theological Seminary will achieve Payne’s $200,000 goal.  Thank you for considering sowing a seed on Payne’s Good Ground.


Please contact The Development Department at Payne for more information (937) 376-2946  Ext. 230